Generations Gin is made by dads – for dads. It’s made for mums, too, but what’s not to love about putting a Father’s Day twist on a blog for Barossa Distilling Company?

Speaking of twist, add a slice of orange to your glass of 2016 Generations Gin to complement the South Australian navel oranges that have gone into making this superb drink, and enjoy the subtle mix of botanicals including coriander, fennel, ginger and almond. And just for you, Dad, there’s some toasted French oak for generosity and robust mid-palate weight.

Made by half a cricket team including Paul Heinicke, Stuart Bourne, Leigh Underwood, Tom Fotheringham and Neil Bullock, Generations Gin was launched only two months ago and so this is the first time in the history of Father’s Day that it will be available as a gift, denting sales of Steve Waugh books which is a good thing because you can’t drink autobiographies.

Father’s Day is a good time to sit down with your dad for a chinwag. Not overly wordy? Get the conversation started with a glass of Generations Gin and let the stories flow.

I’ll start. I’ve never really been that close to my dad. He only ever hugged me once; 30 years ago we set out on a 450-km bike ride as a bonding thing. It was Boxing Day and it was 42 degrees. We got 30km down the road and chucked it in. When Dad got off his bicycle he was a bit wobbly and lost his footing and fell forward and accidentally hugged me.

It definitely brought us closer together.

I phone Dad every Father’s Day and the conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Hello Dad!”

Dad: “Hello. I’ll just get your mother.”

Me: “Actually, Dad, I want to talk to you – Happy Father’s Day.”

Dad: “Happy Father’s Day. How are you?”

Me: “Good. You?”

Dad: “Good, I’ll just get your mother.”

Pleasantries over for another year, pass the gin – Generations Gin – and have a drink for absent friends. And raise a glass to the poor dads at Barossa Distilling Company who had to taste through 150 trial batches to nail this stunning beverage – a steal for $85 a bottle.

Give your dad a great Father’s Day – give him Generations Gin. Until they work out a way to drink an autobiography, it’s the best Father’s Day present ever.

– Anthony Madigan