The Australian gin scene has exploded in the last few years, with South Australia, in particular, representing a portion of home grown producers. It’s about time too! No longer the reserve of straight up dry London-style gin, our use of uniquely native botanicals is creating a swelling of taste bud tingling anticipation on the world gin stage.

The world has noticed this, with awards and applauds coming in from all angles. Small batch distilling is riding a wave of rising interest, and we as a nation are surfing this.

How very Aussie of us.

The recent Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition was no exception to this. A coveted award in the ever-growing Asian markets, this is a unique event run in partnership with the London-based International Wine and Spirit Competition. So with that in mind, it was a seriously impressive win for Australian gin producers, with up to eleven awards won.

Some familiar names cropped up on the awards list including Adelaide Hills Distillery and Angove Family Winemakers, proving, that with three out of eleven award winners, South Australian gin is onto a winning formula. We were particularly pleased to note that our friends at Victoria’s Four Pillars Distillery were multiple winners, bagging a coveted gold medal for their Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin and a silver medal for their Barrel Aged Gin.

Australian Gin

Now it may seem strange that we’re giving shout-outs to our competitors, but the Australian gin scene is not a negative space. We are supportive, championing each success and encouraging growth and development. It really is a warm and fuzzy environment. So though we were chuffed to pieces about winning a silver medal for our Barossa Generations Gin, we were overwhelmed with the quality and recognition  of the pantheon of Aussie gins in the competition. It’s a movement, one that we are extremely proud to be a part of.

Our Managing Director, Neil Bullock was absolutely chuffed, “The Hong Kong Wine and Sprits Competition is truly a world stage for producers of wines and sprits. To benchmark Barossa Generations Gin against some of the best in the world and walk away with a Silver is absolutely fantastic.”

So congratulations to all the Australian gin producers who won at the awards, let’s keep this ball rolling and help make South Australia the Gin State!

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