Gin may have been around since the Middle Ages but it’s enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, making it one of the favourite drinks for Australians. We reckon the secret lies in the unique botanical properties that makes one gin unique from the next, creating endless flavour combination possibilities.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve compiled a little list of things that make gin so darn cool. So put down the wine glass and read on!

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Gin – and That Make It So Darn Cool

Early Ori-gins

While it’s commonly thought of as a British liquor, gin actually descends from a juniper liquor first distilled in Holland. History tells us Dutch Doctors are believed to have first distilled ‘Genever’ as a medicine to give soldiers ‘Dutch courage’ during the Thirty Year War. But while Holland may have invented it, the Brit’s definitely claimed it. By 1743 it was estimated that every British man and woman was drinking 10L of gin, per person a year. Challenge set.

It Is Gin-uinely Good for You

While the botanical properties of gin vary from maker to maker, every gin starts with Juniper berries, which are what give gin its unique taste. But the unique doesn’t end there – these hearty berries are jam-packed with super powers that not only help fight infection but can also reduce bloating and fluid retention. Gin was used as a form of herbal medicine in the Middle Ages, and while it’s not used that way today, gin is still known for health properties that soothe a sore throat, fight coughs, ease pain caused by arthritis and can improve blood circulation. Of course, this is only when drunk in moderation.

The Renaissance

While gin has been around since the Middle Ages, it has experienced a significant rise in popularity among Australians over the past five years – and it doesn’t appear to be slowing. Roy Morgan Research shows a whopping more than 50% increase in gin drinkers since 2009. Go you good thing!

A Favourite of the Famous

For many years gin has been the drink of choice for the world’s famous. Looking at a list of them, you could conclude that gin is certainly the drink de jour for the stylish and sophisticated. Well-documented lovers of gin include The Queen of England, Snoop Dog, Noël Coward, Winston Churchill, W.C. Fields, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Charles Dickens.

Classy Cocktails

While gin is as synonymous with tonic as batman is with robin, this liquor is actually incredibly popular among bartenders because of the huge range of ridiculously amazing cocktail mixes they can concoct. The possible flavor combinations are endless, which is why we’re seeing so many cool and quirky pop-up gin bars coming on the scene.

Our best tip is to remember that gin is like sauce – no two flavour combinations are the same. So we suggest you try a few and let your taste buds tell you what it is that makes gin so darn cool.

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