One of the joys of meeting so many people at the Distillery Door is when you meet someone you were not expecting to meet with a story you were not expecting to hear.

Not long before Christmas a couple came into the Distillery, took a place at our bar and ordered 2 glasses of Shiraz. Now we know their background, that choice of drink does seem a little surprising. The couples were Henrik Elsner and his wife Lona, both acclaimed scientists and owners the Stone Grange Craft Distillery in Denmark.  It took good 10 minutes or so of conversation before they gave up this pearl of information, but once they had the conversation quickly flowed to all things gin and carrots as we dived into a tasting of our Barossa Distilling gins.

Henrik Elsner holds a Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry and founded Stone Grange Craft Distillery in 2009.  Off the back of successful careers, they had decided to move to the shores of Lake Esrom, north of Copenhagen.  distillery there produces six different gins under the brand Elg Gin, all based on the same three botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, and Danish carrots.  The three botanicals are distilled in different ways and analysed scientifically to obtain the perfect distillates with optimum properties to engage all the senses.

“My background is scientific,” he says. “That’s why the gin is based on the science of craft, and the craft of science.”

Henrik has distilled a lot of things, and one of them happened to be a carrot. It is a more unusual botanical for Gin even by Australian Standards, but he says it tasted great and really enhanced the Juniper.

Henrik gets his carrots delivered fresh from a local farmer. The carrots, including the green tops, are cut into small pieces and distilled. His Gins are made using a compound method, where he will blend individual botanical distillates to produce exactly the flavour profile he is looking for. Wheat provides the base for the spirit.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to try all of Henrik’s Gins that he so kindly shipped across to us.  We are genuinely excited to try them and we will let you know how we go. First off the rank will be Elg No.1. Gin. Keep an eye out for our tasting notes or come into the Distillery and try them for yourself!!