Barossa Distilling Launches Limited Edition Budburst Gin


Barossa Distilling Brand New Gin Release


Ancient almond trees sway in the warm breeze. Pink, red and palest green tinged blossoms waft.  Dormant green life, shackled by winter chill begins to speed upwards and outwards. There is a tangible feeling of new awakenings in the air. This then is the great botanical event that heralds the arrival of spring in the Barossa Valley. Summer is coming.

We like to drown you in metaphors as well as gin here at Barossa Distilling. Yet truly, we have been busy in the winter months. It was the yearning for springtime and our sizzling South Australian summers that inspired our latest creation; Budburst Gin.

Neil Bullock, our managing director was reminded of his English roots on a miserable winter’s day when inspiration struck.

“The idea for a pink gin originally came from Stuart (Bourne). But I was pottering about on this pretty grim day and thought: I need a touch of summer. That’s when we started devising what the taste should be, how it would work. What is the taste of summer? To me, it was citrus, soft fruits like currants and raspberries. It just kind of grew from there.”

The result? A gin that tastes of summer. Floral notes of lavender, the tang of local navel oranges and a heavier focus on cassia bark. A burst of native currants, like a more acidic raspberry balancing out the sweetness of fruity flavours. Unlike a juniper led London-dry gin, Budburst is softer and lingers longer on the palate.

“We trialled some different techniques making Budburst. The major breakthrough was washing the botanicals in White Frontinac. It's a floral grape that is semi-sweet, leaving a residual sugar. We also dialled back on the French Oak,” says Neil “which has resulted in this gorgeously infused gin. We’re really pleased.”

The beauty of the Budburst process is in the handmade approach and aesthetic. It's also about the seasonality of the ingredients, making it a limited release. Capturing the unique essence of Spring and Summer, in a bottle. This is our little baby, handmade with love and devotion. Literally by hand, in many aspects, according to Neil.

"We have handmade this gin and poured a lot of time into it. From creation to bottling, to the distribution – even the small stuff. We have individually hand pressed the labels on ourselves – so apologies if any are a little wonky. We're handwriting batch numbers on each bottle, that's how individual they are. "

It doesn't stop at the labelling either, with Neil melting a tin pot of the sealing wax on the stove.

"Yes, I was hand dipping bottles over the stove well past bedtime last night! Unfortunately, I can't even enlist the kids to help, as they are a bit too young to be handling hot wax."

This devotion shows in the quality of the gin and the beautiful (and handmade) presentation of the bottle. A true collector’s item for the gin aficionado. Or for those who just love sipping on a good quality, handmade product. You can’t get much homegrown or local that that!

So where can you get your hands on our limited release Budburst Gin?

We’ll be doing a soft launch of our newly minted gin on Friday 25 November, at our third Friday @ 5 event. You can expect delicious cocktails amid beautiful surrounds.  With live music and sustainable gourmet eats supplied by Scott Rogasch and Justin Westhoff from Forage Supply Co.

Friday @ 5 Barossa Gin Event New Release Budburst Gin

We’ll also be on sale and pouring the drinks this Saturday 26 November at the Barossa Farmer’s Market.  A celebration of real food from the real homes of the Barossa. Barossa Distilling will be serving up Espresso Martinis and spicy Red Snapper’s – a Bloody Mary in all but gin and name. Hopefully, they will help to ease you out of the Friday hangover. So come down and get your home made, local South Australian gin fix! 

Find out more on by visiting us here and be one of the first in line to taste our stunning new gin and don’t forget to pre-order now before we sell out.

Blossoms and Budburst. How very Barossan.

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