Our Story

Barossa Distilling Company

Barossa Distilling Company started in 2014 as an idea between winemaking friends over a bottle of gin.

The idea was to create a gin blend that captured the essence of the region … a true Barossa Valley winemaker’s gin.

We had two rules: we had to love it, and it had to be quintessentially Barossan.

And 150 batches later we did it.

In 2016 we released Generations Gin, a creative infusion of 12 botanicals, distilled with premium quality Barossa grape spirit. 

Traditional juniper and vibrant South Australian citrus lead the sophisticated flavour, supported by coriander, angelica and orris root. Ginger, fennel and almond add warmth, structure and a robust mouth feel, while chamomile, cassia and locally-grown lavender provide savoury floral notes.

We used toasted French oak chips from local wineries in the distillation process, which has added hints of vanilla, with a generosity and robust mid-palate weight – just as it does in fine Barossa wine.

We recommend drinking Generations Gin with a quality tonic water, a few ice cubes and a slice of SA navel orange.

Generations Gin will be a year-round staple of the Barossa Distilling range, with only subtle botanical variance.

But gin lovers can look forward to new and seasonal gins drawing on the Barossa Valley’s native botanicals like lemon-scented grasses, which were traditionally used by Aboriginal communities on meat being grilled on open coals. 

We’re a bunch of mates riding a bus to who knows where. But one thing is for sure … for winemakers … we’re pretty proud of our gin.