Another bloody Shiraz Gin!

There are many things Gin for which our friends at Healesville’s Four Pillars can take a bow. Four Pillars Rare Dry is pretty damn good as is the Bartenders series Negroni. They can also have a round of applause for taking Australian Gin to a number of export markets, including the US. Fours Pillars is rapidly becoming as recognised on the other side of the world as many of their homegrown brands.

But bloody hell, how smart was it to come up with Bloody Shiraz Gin! Shiraz Gin is almost becoming a category in its own right with a number of producers releasing a version, a category that can be uniquely Australian. Four Pillars blazed the trail, but we are based in Barossa. Surely Barossa can claim the mantle as the home of Shiraz. We had no qualms in following the lead and producing our own Barossa Shiraz Gin, the first ever Barossa Shiraz Gin.

It was an experimental first year, but if all experiments turned out to be as good we will be delighted. It’s a messy process crafting Shiraz Gin, (purple) hands-on and a lot of fun, a little time consuming but definitely worth the effort.

Fresh fruit picked overnight, just a few hundred meters from our production base here in Barossa. Macerated in Gin, squeezed, blended, racked and bottled.

Budburst has now turned to growing vines and with fledging grape fruit beginning to form, we are already getting ‘pee our pants’ excited about getting our hands on some premium Barossa Shiraz fruit for our Vintage 2019 Barossa Shiraz Gin.

Follow us on our 2019 Barossa Shiraz journey, it’s going to be a blast – and what a treat the finale will be!