Barossa Shiraz Gin Vintage 2019 – coming soon!

We are now well over halfway with Barossa’s 2019 grape harvest and its looking like 2019 is the year of – very high quality but limited supply.

A dry Winter and Spring, frost, hail, high winds and a hot Summer just past have all led to the lowest-yielding Barossa harvest in 10 years! As a result we did wonder if another batch of our Barossa Shiraz Gin was going to be possible for 2019. Fortunately, we know a very nice Viticulturist and outstanding Winemaker who happens to like a bit of Gin and we managed to get our hands on some outstanding fruit from a beautiful vineyard on Krondorf Rd. We are keeping the exact location a bit of a secret, but we can tell you that the fruit is looking fantastic.

The grapes have been picked and de-stemmed and are now taking a nice long bath in Barossa Distilling Gin. Our good friends at Rock of Wisdom wines ( have once again stepped in to help us with a loan of their basket press for the messy part of the process and we hope to be bottling very soon.
Barossa Shiraz Gin (Vintage 2019) is well and truly under way and coming to a bottle near you very soon.

We sold out very quickly last year and once again this will be limited release. We will let you know as soon as we have a release date.

Espresso Martini Cocktail

The ever popular Espresso Martini is fast becoming a cocktail classic. As with almost all classics there is plenty of conjecture and debate around what makes the perfect Espresso Martini; Vodka or Gin based, espresso, instant or cold brew. We are going to put the debate to one side and share our version with you because quite frankly we think it is pretty damn good!

The following ingredients will make one cocktail. Get your shaker out and your jigger on and here we go. You are going to need:

45ml of Coffee
This can be cold brew, instant, plunger, or espresso. You can add the coffee fresh and hot but if it is hot make sure it is the last ingredient to hit the cocktail shaker, otherwise your ice to going to melt too fast and water everything down.
30ml Gin..
You can also use Vodka, maybe try them both and see what works best for you
30ml Coffee Liquor
We are using Carters but you can also use Mr Black, Kahlua or Tia Maria.

Garnish with:
Whole Coffee Beans
Homemade Honeycomb

Serve in:
A Coupette or Martini Glass

Putting it together:

First add ice to your cocktail shaker until it is just over half full. Next add your Gin, then your coffee Liqour and finally your coffee. Put the lid on the shaker, make sure it is tight! Give it a good vigourous shake for at least 20 seconds. You want to create a good thick crema for your cocktail.

Strain into your glass. Add up to 3 coffee beans and then your honeycomb.

Sit back and enjoy!