Barossa Shiraz Gin Vintage 2019 – coming soon!

We are now well over halfway with Barossa’s 2019 grape harvest and its looking like 2019 is the year of – very high quality but limited supply.

A dry Winter and Spring, frost, hail, high winds and a hot Summer just past have all led to the lowest-yielding Barossa harvest in 10 years! As a result we did wonder if another batch of our Barossa Shiraz Gin was going to be possible for 2019. Fortunately, we know a very nice Viticulturist and outstanding Winemaker who happens to like a bit of Gin and we managed to get our hands on some outstanding fruit from a beautiful vineyard on Krondorf Rd. We are keeping the exact location a bit of a secret, but we can tell you that the fruit is looking fantastic.

The grapes have been picked and de-stemmed and are now taking a nice long bath in Barossa Distilling Gin. Our good friends at Rock of Wisdom wines ( have once again stepped in to help us with a loan of their basket press for the messy part of the process and we hope to be bottling very soon.
Barossa Shiraz Gin (Vintage 2019) is well and truly under way and coming to a bottle near you very soon.

We sold out very quickly last year and once again this will be limited release. We will let you know as soon as we have a release date.

Ms Maple Gin Cocktail

This has become one of our favorite Gin cocktail’s at the Distillery. The Vermouth and Maple Syrup create a perfect balance of sweet and dry and when combined with the Gin, it becomes a delicious Gin cocktail perfect for any occasion.

Like anything, the quality of the ingredients you use will have a big impact on the final product. So here we go, you will need:

45ml Generations Gin
10ml Adelaide Hills Dry Vermouth (or another quality Dry Vermouth)
10ml Real Canadian Maple Syrup

Rocks glass & Ice

For the Garnish:
A ‘cheek’ or 2cm diameter disc of orange peel
A lighter or match
1 Cinnamon Quill

To put to all together:

1/2 fill your Rocks glass with ice.
Measure and pour the Gin, Vermouth and Maple Syrup over the ice
Stir well to combine all 3.
4. You can now get a bit flash by ‘expressing’ the Orange over the glass. Cut a cheek/2cm disc of peel from the orange. Warm it with a flame, being careful not to singe any fingers. When it has started to release the oils, squeeze the cheek in the direction of the flame over the top of the glass. The oils will spray out and ignite in a short burst of flame. Drop the orange in the glass and look very smug that you did not burn yourself!
5. The final stage is to position the Cinnamon Quill, in the glass and give it all a quick swirl. Serve and enjoy!